I remember as if it were yesterday, dancing on the streets of Miami for donations.

Can you imagine watching a dance film and blindly thinking that one day You could be in a movie, so you decide to leave Miami with 240 dollars, running out of gas in New Orleans, having to street perform for money to continue the journey to LA and then arriving and almost getting arrested in Santa Monica (needing a permit to street perform) then finding your way into every night club trying to find the major choreographers to battle. Being recognized for the effort and getting hired to be in “Step Up 3”
And countless other movies as well as touring with Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey and every major artist still active, making it into the top 2% of highest paid professional dancers.

Thats a dream, more so a dream come true!

Here’s how this relates to you, everyone has a dream and there are principles to achieve this dream of YOURS.

I believe strongly with every ounce of my being that knowing the right time and getting out of your own way, as well as , giving yourself permission and coupled with a definite purpose (a clearly defined dream) and developing a burning 🔥🔥🔥 DESIRE for its Achievement is the exact thought process you can adopt in order to find yourself as the person you are intended to become.

This is what I did, and I have done it with every area of my life, and I believe that Movement is the key, and behind the movement is what’s important, YOUR “Why”.

We are all ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

“Don’t doubt yourself, and instead surround yourself with people that work just as hard if not harder than “YOU”

I’m behind Your movement!

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